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Are you looking to gain insight into the world of Facility Management and Cleaning? Look no further than American Facility Care! Their podcast dives deep into this industry, featuring interviews with customers and other leaders across various sectors. Tune in now and learn more about FM & Cleaning in a professional yet entertaining way! 

Professional Cleaning Company

How To Hire The Right Cleaning Company

Listen to “How To Hire The Right Cleaning Company” on Spreaker. In this first podcast episode of the new year, Tom and Sarah take the lead in empowering facility managers for the crucial task of selecting the perfect commercial building cleaning contractor for janitorial services. The duo kicks off the

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Commercial Cleaning

What Makes Us Different Than The Competition?

Listen to “What Makes Us Different Than The Competition?” on Spreaker. In this podcast episode, hosts Tom and Sarah explore what sets their commercial cleaning company apart from competitors. They discuss the challenges of using physical logbooks for communication and cleaning records, pointing out the inefficiencies and delays in addressing

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Office Cleaning

Effortlessly Transition To A Commercial Cleaning Vendor!

Listen to “Effortlessly Transition To A New Vendor!” on Spreaker. In this episode, Tom and Sarah discuss the steps to effortlessly transition to a new cleaning company vendor, which can apply to various vendors. They highlight the common pain points that indicate a need for a change, such as cleaners

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Cleaning and Employee Productivity

The Impact Cleaning Has on Employee Productivity and Morale

Listen to “The Impact Cleaning Has on Employee Productivity and Morale” on Spreaker. In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, hosts Tom and Sarah delve into the crucial topic of how cleaning can significantly influence employee productivity and morale. They kick things off with a relatable story of a

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Commercial Cleaning

How Do We View Our Competition?

Listen to “How Do We View Our Competition??” on Spreaker. In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, Tom delves into the intriguing topic of how we perceive our competition in the commercial cleaning industry. The short answer? They are viewed as colleagues and fellow professionals. Tom elaborates on this

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