Why Choose Us?

Why Us?

In the bustling world of commercial cleaning services, we stand out as a unique and dependable choice. We’re not your average cleaning company, and here’s why:

Commercial Cleaning

The Perfect Fit for Your Needs

At American Facility Care, we embrace our status as a small company, and we’re proud of it. While some cleaning services might boast about their large client base, we believe that being smaller has its advantages. We understand that every client is unique, and we don’t want anyone to feel like just a number. With us, you’ll receive the personalized attention and care that your business deserves.

We make it our mission to serve each of our clients with the utmost dedication and commitment. We limit our monthly recurring clients to a select few, ensuring that we can give 100% of our attention to every job we undertake. Unlike larger companies, we won’t let your needs get lost in a vast database. You’re important to us, and we want you to know it.

Commercial Cleaning

Agility and Responsiveness

Another advantage of being a smaller company is our ability to pivot quickly and adapt to your needs. We understand that life happens, and occasionally, one of our cleaners might need to call in sick or have a day off. Rest assured, we’ve got your back. We can swiftly arrange for a replacement, ensuring that your cleaning schedule remains uninterrupted. We’re not just a cleaning service; we’re your reliable partner in maintaining a clean and healthy workspace.

Commercial Cleaning

Unparalleled Customer Loyalty

When it comes to loyalty, we’re proud to say that our track record is exceptional. In an industry where client turnover rates can reach as high as 50% per year, we have maintained a remarkable level of client satisfaction.  Our clients are more than just customers; they are our partners, and they love the quality of service we provide.

Join the ranks of satisfied businesses, offices, schools, churches, warehouses, and more that have chosen American Facility Care as their go-to cleaning service. Experience the difference that personalized attention, agility, and unwavering customer loyalty can make in maintaining a clean and inviting environment for your workplace.

Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs, and let us show you why American Facility Care is the right choice for your business. We’re not just a cleaning company; we’re your trusted cleaning partner.

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