Effortlessly Transition To A Commercial Cleaning Vendor!

In this episode, Tom and Sarah discuss the steps to effortlessly transition to a new cleaning company vendor, which can apply to various vendors. They highlight the common pain points that indicate a need for a change, such as cleaners not showing up, corporate noticing cleanliness issues, or inadequate training and management. Here are the key steps they outline:

1. You Feel The Pain:
– Identify common pain points in your current cleaning services.
2. You Search Google:
– Utilize Google to find potential new vendors.
– Common Google searches related to janitorial services.
Insights from Google Analytics on how people search.
3. You Make The Call or Book Online:
– Use scheduling services like Calendly for easy appointment booking.
Schedule a meeting to discuss your cleaning needs with the vendor, with no pressure to commit.
4. You Schedule A Site Visit:
– Arrange a site visit at your convenience.
– Walk through your building and discuss your cleaning priorities.
5. You Receive A Cleaning Analysis & Proposal:
– Get a detailed proposal including an introductory letter, scope of work, recommended services, terms, references, and insurance details.
6. You Choose The Starting Date:
– Select a start date and have owners personally oversee the initial cleaning to ensure a successful start.
7. You Receive On-Going Inspection Reports:
– Ensure ongoing communication and regular inspections to maintain high cleaning standards.

The hosts emphasize the importance of long-term relationships with cleaning vendors and stress the need for effective communication both with clients and within the cleaning company. They recommend choosing a vendor that can be flexible and responsive to address any problems that may arise.

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