How Do We View Our Competition?

In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, Tom delves into the intriguing topic of how we perceive our competition in the commercial cleaning industry. The short answer? They are viewed as colleagues and fellow professionals. Tom elaborates on this concept and highlights the distinct types of commercial cleaning companies: nationwide cleaning companies (large franchises), regional cleaning companies (smaller franchises and medium-sized privately owned cleaning businesses), and local cleaning companies in Indianapolis (mostly smaller enterprises).

In Episode 6, Sarah and Tom take a deep dive into the pros and cons of each type of commercial cleaning company, emphasizing that success ultimately hinges on how well these companies are managed at every level. Tom introduces the notion of “the irreducible minimum of core business philosophies and practices,” emphasizing the critical importance of truth and foundational systems that drive consistent, quality-driven service.

Tom outlines key aspects that form the bedrock of a reliable cleaning service company, such as rigorous hiring and onboarding processes, trained management staff, regular quality inspections, proper uniforms and equipment, and the presence of a dedicated account manager. He underscores the significance of operating on solid foundations and continually striving for improvement.

Drawing from past episodes, Tom recalls that a significant challenge faced by facility managers is the lack of training provided by some cleaning companies, reinforcing the importance of selecting a company grounded in truth, transparency, and a robust system of core practices. He concludes by reaffirming their focus on self-improvement and adherence to their core values, allowing them to lead in their market by breaking their own records and continually advancing.

Join us for this insightful episode as we explore the nuances of the cleaning industry and how a strong foundation and commitment to improvement can set cleaning companies apart. Tune in to “The Cleaning Indy Podcast” to learn more about maintaining excellence in commercial building cleaning services.

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