Using Janitorial Software To Improve Your Operations: What Do We Use?

In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, our host Tom Moore takes a look into the world of operations software and its transformative impact on janitorial businesses. The spotlight is on SWEPT, a powerful operations SAAS designed specifically for the janitorial industry. Tom shares how this software has revolutionized their cleaning company’s operations and highlights its unique features.

Tom begins by narrating the inception of SWEPT, an idea conceived by an entrepreneur who recognized the need for streamlined operations management in the cleaning industry. He emphasizes how SWEPT has emerged as the go-to software, simplifying various operational aspects for janitorial businesses.

Rather than listing software features, Tom takes a storytelling approach, sharing real-life operational challenges their company faced and how SWEPT effectively addressed them. He first discusses the challenge of managing employee attendance and locations during unexpected no-call/no-show scenarios. SWEPT’s geo-fenced, location-based time clock feature proves pivotal, providing crucial insights into employee clock-ins and hours worked.

Communication challenges, both within the team and with clients, are next on the agenda. Tom highlights how SWEPT’s in-app messaging feature has greatly improved internal and external communication, allowing for seamless updates, performance feedback, and client-specific messages.
Additionally, Tom touches on other important features of SWEPT, such as checklists, problem reporting, supply tracking, and inspections. These features collectively contribute to enhanced efficiency and service quality.

In conclusion, Tom underscores the game-changing impact of operations software like SWEPT, emphasizing its role in boosting communication, problem resolution, and overall operational efficiency in the janitorial business. He emphasizes the value SWEPT adds to client relationships, illustrating how it’s a cost-effective technological solution that augments business operations.

Listeners are invited to join Tom as he showcases the immense benefits of adopting the right operations software, showcasing how it can make a significant difference in the day-to-day operations of any janitorial business.

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