How To Hire The Right Cleaning Company

In this first podcast episode of the new year, Tom and Sarah take the lead in empowering facility managers for the crucial task of selecting the perfect commercial building cleaning contractor for janitorial services. The duo kicks off the discussion by highlighting the three fundamental criteria influencing major purchasing decisions: Know, Like, Trust. Addressing the urgency in expediting the contractor selection process, Tom and Sarah explore two pivotal methods – pre-qualifying over the phone and carefully considering walk-through observations.

During the pre-qualification phase, Tom and Sarah guide facility managers through a series of key questions aimed at gauging a contractor’s experience, company size, staffing capabilities, and references.
Special emphasis is placed on adhering to industry standards such as OSHA, creating a comprehensive checklist for facility managers to navigate the selection process effectively. The duo stresses the significance of a multifaceted vetting process, encompassing online research, reviews, website visits, blog readings, and even podcast listening. The goal is to foster a deep understanding of, affinity for, and trust in the cleaning contractors.

Drawing from industry professionals like Odessa Woodlee and Ayaz Ahmed, Tom and Sarah incorporate valuable insights into the conversation. Topics discussed include staffing levels, equipment quality, and the brands of cleaning chemicals used. In this episode Tom and Sarah talk about the “dust test” during walk-throughs and offers practical advice on addressing specific concerns related to delicate surfaces or unique areas within a facility.

As the discussion unfolds, Ricky Smith contributes a noteworthy observation, emphasizing the correlation between quality and cost. Facility managers are encouraged to consider the significant budget allocation for janitorial services, underscoring its substantial role in effective facility management. Tom and Sarah conclude by reinforcing the critical importance of choosing the right cleaning or building service contractor, positioning it as a linchpin for success in commercial settings.

This comprehensive episode, guided by Tom and Sarah, serves as a valuable resource for facility managers navigating the nuanced landscape of commercial building cleaning and janitorial services.

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