What Makes Us Different Than The Competition?

In this podcast episode, hosts Tom and Sarah explore what sets their commercial cleaning company apart from competitors. They discuss the challenges of using physical logbooks for communication and cleaning records, pointing out the inefficiencies and delays in addressing issues. They highlight two key differences:

Firstly, their cleaners use apps instead of traditional logbooks, drawing a parallel between ancient logkeeping and modern-day paper systems still prevalent in various industries. They emphasize the immediacy and convenience of apps for communication, inspections, trend analysis, and work order submissions.

Secondly, they delve into their comprehensive training program, emphasizing its importance based on feedback from 700 Facility Managers who cited lack of training as a major issue with cleaning companies. They describe their training method, the Tell, Show, Do, Review approach, which ensures effective learning and application. They stress the significance of practice and review stages in solidifying knowledge, citing research on learning effectiveness.

The hosts conclude by noting the importance of consistency in using both technology and effective training methods to achieve optimal results. They acknowledge that while a standardized training approach is essential, individual learning paces vary, sometimes benefiting from training newcomers without prior habits.

Overall, the episode emphasizes how their company’s use of technology and training methods distinguishes them from competitors, ultimately enhancing their service quality and efficiency.

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