How Did the Pandemic Affect The Cleaning Industry?

In this episode, we’re delving into How Did the Pandemic Affect The Cleaning Industry? COVID-19 significantly reshaped how we perceive cleanliness, hygiene, and the demand for disinfection services. We invite you to contribute to the discussion by tapping into the “send Tom a voicemail” feature, and sharing how the pandemic has influenced your experiences.

We begin by sharing our personal narratives of where we were when the pandemic broke out, and how it altered our understanding of germs, cleanliness, and hygiene practices. The closures of day care centers, churches, and schools propelled us to adapt and introduce Electrostatic Disinfecting Services, obtaining certification through GBAC and strictly adhering to CDC guidelines, implementing a thorough two-step disinfection process.

The pandemic posed significant disruptions to the supply chain, particularly with hospitals swiftly securing substantial quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectants. In response, we took initiative and created our own sanitizing wipes to meet FDA requirements for a specific client. Additionally, the crisis shifted the perception of janitors and cleaning technicians, shedding light on their indispensable role in maintaining public health.

As businesses grappled with evolving safety protocols, they began to recognize the immense value a dependable commercial cleaning company could provide. The commitment to upholding CDC recommendations, acquiring elusive disinfectants, and executing comprehensive disinfection procedures underscored the essential contributions of cleaning professionals during these trying times.

In closing, we reflect on the enduring transformations that COVID-19 brought to our commercial cleaning company and the broader industry. We invite you to share your own experiences: How did COVID-19 impact your commercial cleaning company, and what lasting changes have you observed in your operations?

Join the dialogue as we explore the enduring effects of the pandemic on the commercial cleaning landscape.

Enjoy the show!

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