The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Many people spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Whether in a commercial office or another building, ensuring that these spaces are not visually or physically taxing is critical. Put simply, unsanitary or unclean workspaces can lead to negative health impacts and lowered productivity in your employees. But you can easily remedy this issue by hiring a trusted and experienced commercial cleaner.

Most cleaning companies offer various professional cleaning services — from daily cleaning to deep cleaning — that can provide tremendous benefits to your building and company culture. Still, maybe you aren’t sure what makes professional cleaning services better than handling the cleaning on your own.

Read on to understand why you should leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

A professional cleaning service is the way to go if you want your building to be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. These services have the best equipment to clean floors, surfaces, windows, doorways, and more, and they also have the expertise required to do so efficiently and effectively.

So, without further ado, here are eight top benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service for your business.

Safer Surroundings

Professional Cleaning ServiceWhile many people may not consider an office building or other workplace particularly dangerous, it has risks and safety concerns — especially when not properly maintained or cleaned.

When buildings that house many employees are not regularly and thoroughly cleaned, they can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. These can cause illnesses in your staff, resulting in a generally unhealthy environment for your employees and many sick days. Keeping your workplace clean, on the other hand, can dramatically reduce the number of sick days and keep your valuable employees healthy and happy to come to work each morning.

Similarly, if floors are not cleaned, and obstacles or clutter are constantly blocking high-traffic areas, you may risk the physical safety of your employees. A cleaning service can mitigate these risks by helping to keep your surfaces and floors clean and tidy.

Save Time with Cleaning

Professional cleaning services complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. Commercial cleaners have experience cleaning many different types of spaces, equipment, and furniture. This allows them to easily clean all areas in your building without having to experiment and spend time learning how to do so.

Hiring professional cleaners also allows your employees to spend more time on their work than cleaning up the building.

Higher Quality Cleaning

As professional cleaners, commercial cleaning companies will ensure that your building is thoroughly cleaned each and every time you request their services. If you rely on your employees to do the cleaning, you will likely get a low-effort attempt to clean or organize a space, as the last thing your employees will want after a workday is to clean up. This can result in only partially cleaning or completely ignoring certain cleaning tasks.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning service can offer various cleaning services — from basic nightly janitorial services to keep your building hygienic daily to more in-depth and less frequent cleaning services like commercial carpet cleaning. This allows you to ensure that your space not only looks but truly is clean and tidy.

Increased Productivity

The spaces around us affect us in more ways than people tend to think. Not only can a cluttered or dirty space feel stifling, but it can also actually lower the productivity of anyone in it. This is because dirty workspaces don’t make people happy, excited, or motivated to do work.

Clean spaces, on the other hand, make people feel welcome and create a more comfortable environment where they can concentrate on their tasks and get work done. This simple change in enthusiasm and motivation can dramatically improve your overall employee productivity.

Improved First Impressions

Whether you’re looking for new employees or giving a potential stakeholder a tour of your space, first impressions are critical. The first impression is your one shot to set the tone for your business and show whoever you are talking to that you are serious, professional, and worth their time.

Now, imagine if the first thing you see when you walk into a building is a broken coffee machine, sticky counters, and unorganized supplies and paperwork. Would you really want to invest your time or money into that business? Conversely, if you walk into a well-kept, clean, and fresh space, you’d likely be much more inclined to actually pay attention to your guide.

Professional Cleaning ServiceCost Savings

While professional cleaning services may seem more costly in the short term, it is worth the cost when you factor in the dramatic reduction in employee sick days or injury leaves due to an unclean or unsafe workspace. When employees take leave due to illness or injury, you not only have to compensate them but also lose out on productivity and team morale.

Still, not only do professional cleaning services reduce these long-term losses, but many also offer competitive pricing for their services, which means that they may not even be all that expensive in the short term.

Free Up Extra Storage Space

If you let a professional cleaning company handle your cleaning needs, you don’t have to worry about storing all the supplies you need to clean it yourself. Most professional cleaners bring their own equipment with them, which means that the space you would have devoted to cleaning supplies and equipment can be freed up for other, more business-relevant items.

Lengthen Equipment Lifetime

Another benefit of regular in-depth cleaning from a professional cleaning service company is less wear-and-tear on your equipment. Whether you have electronics, tools, or any other type of machine in your building, leaving them covered in dust, clutter, or dirt can dramatically reduce their lifespan and cause you to purchase replacements prematurely.

Regularly cleaning, organizing, and maintaining this equipment, however, can elongate this lifespan and allow you to save money in the long run as you will not have to worry about purchasing as much new equipment or replacement parts.

Bottom Line

Keeping your building clean is important not only for your employees’ health but also impacting the future of your business through potential stakeholder and supplier interactions as well. But, rather than trying to clean your space yourself — and wasting valuable time and resources on inefficient equipment and cleaning methods — hire a professional cleaning service to take care of this critical cleaning for you. Chances are, they can get your space much cleaner than you can in much less time.

If you are looking for professional cleaning services for your business facilities in central Indiana, schedule a consultation today with American Facility Care!

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